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We make our jewelry in our workshop in Tarn, in Saint Juéry near Albi (81). We use 0.8 or 1mm elastic thread for our bracelets and necklaces. Other jewelry (rings, earrings for example) are made of silver or gold-plated brass, guaranteed lead and nickel free. The stones we use are all natural stones, unprocessed, unheated. Therefore, the images are non-contractual and the color nuances of the stones may differ between the photographs of the site and the realbedridden.Also, some "defects" on the stones do notwill not be considered as such, and will on the contrary prove that they are real natural stones

All our minerals, our tumbled stones, as well as the stone beads used to make our jewelry come from sustainable mines, guaranteeing protection of the environment and human beings. 

Our jewelry, minerals and lithotherapy should not and cannot in any way replace medical treatment or advice.   

Satisfaction guaranteed

photo of natural stone bracelets in Jasper

You benefit from a withdrawal period; of 14 days. The bracelets presented on this site have "standard" sizes approximately 19cm per wrist circumference. If there is a special size requirement, please contact us before placing your order.

Professional approach

green aventurine photo

We make all the jewelry ourselves. We ensure that the stones used are of quality and only natural stones from sustainable mines. Our natural stone jewelry and lithotherapy are not intended to replace treatment or medical advice. 

Personalized attention

bracelet making

We pay particular attention to the quality of our jewelry. We are attentive to satisfy you and offer you suitable, unique and quality jewelry. We ship all your orders ourselves.

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