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Who are we ?

Marjorie and Ludwig
Marjorie (left) Ludwig (right)

We are two people Marjorie and Ludwig.


 As a professional manufacturer located in Saint Juéry in Tarn since 2000, theAnanta Shop is fascinated by how to create unique objects using traditional and artisanal methods.

Each of our items is handmade inour workshop, which you can discover at 37 avenue Jean Jaurès 81160 St Juéry.

We make all our jewelry exclusively from natural stones.


We source our supplies from partners who only work in SAFE MINES.

This “Responsible Mining” label demonstrates commitment to responsible mining.

This charter requires the extraction of stones with pure respect for the planet, favoring artisanal mines.

Their environmental impact is significantly reduced.

While being concerned about the environment, the Mines raisonnées label aims to be ethical and places human values at the heart of its concerns.

This is about allowing minors to work in safe conditions and with reasonable hours, but also to have access to remuneration commensurate with the efforts they make.

Miners are not the only ones to benefit from the ethical quality of Mines raisonnés.

The label takes into account everything relating to the working of the stone from its cutting to its assembly on a piece of jewelry.

Promoting fair craftsmanship and environmentally friendly procedures in no way diminishes the quality of the stones, quite the contrary.

Sustainable mines guarantees the traceability of minerals. 

Finally, we also have an ethical and local approach since we work particularly with an Albigensian supplier for our jewelry manufacturing equipment, findings, wires, crimping equipment.

This company guarantees us findings and materials in gold or silver brass, lead-free, nickel-free and caladium-free. 

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